Clinical Trials

At Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center, we are at the forefront of
promising clinical trials that give patients better odds against
cancer. Our Office of Clinical Trials offers trials initiated by our
physicians that are only available at our center, along with those
offered through the Lineberger Cancer Center at the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and national cooperative
groups. In addition, we offer studies that are funded by pharmaceutical

Your provider may discuss participating in a clinical trial as part
of your cancer care. Your health and safety remains of utmost
importance to our physicians. If you choose to join a clinical trial
you will be given detailed information and an opportunity to
discuss any questions you or your family may have.
During the trial, you will be followed closely by your physician
and one of our clinical trial nurse coordinators. Your nurse coordinator
will meet with you often and will be available to help
guide you through the process.

Being a part of a clinical trial is voluntary. By participating,
you may be offered a new treatment for cancer prior to its
availability to the public at large. Your experience may help
researchers in their quest to find better treatments and outcomes
for all patients.

The Office of Clinical Trials is here to help you through this process. For more information, call 252-744-1888.